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Dorpersnoodles Ad Infinitum

  I woke up and I could not believe that I had just experienced my reoccurring dream, again! It had started the way that most dreams do, I fell asleep. I was in a room with the dorpersnoodle and it was calling my name. Whenever I tried to turn to see it, it was gone. It was always just out of my sight. I kept turning and turning and I was never able to see it fully. What I was able to see was that the dorpersnoodle was nothing brutal like the snickerdoodles, lo mien noodles, Magna-Doodles®, and other kinds of noodles, doodles, and strudels that I had been in contact with before my dreams started.
  Suddenly I noticed that I was not being called and that I was not chasing anything. I stopped to let the world catch up to me and, before it had a chance, the floor came up and hit me in the face! I violently pushed it away and it hit me again! I felt a hand grab the back of my shirt and lift me away from the ground. It placed me onto the recently steadied floor. I turned, slowly this time, to see nothing behind me except for a large door. The door had no knobs, buttons, or knockers of any sort. In front of the door was a pad that I recognized to be a welcome mat.
  Upon standing on the welcome mat, the door opened to a very bright room with nothing but dorpersnoodles standing about. They acted like they did not even see me, which I found to be odd. It was not as though they were ignoring me, but as if they were not capable of seeing me at all. I gathered enough strength to approach one and say, "Hello." I received to response. I tried to speak to them several times, all in vain. Finally, as a last resort, I knocked one down. It got up, looked around, and then said my name very loudly while giving me a deep, penetrating stare. I got scared and ran away, but I noticed that I was not running very fast. In fact, I was not even moving. The dorpersnoodles gathered around me, as if I were some freak of nature.
  Out of nowhere a loud voice called out in an unfamiliar tongue, which caused the dorpersnoodles to run away from me. The loud voice came from me. I had yelled out in a language that I did not know–or did I know it? I was now alone in this room and able to walk around it without dorpersnoodles in my way. I looked at the places where they had been standing to find television monitors. Nothing was being displayed right now, but i knew that they had been watching.
  I heard footsteps and saw people, real humans, walking toward me with concern in their eyes. They asked me if I was alright. They asked me if I had been turned into one of "them." I laughed and replied that I had not. They were so silly to be worried about something like that! They all beckoned me to follow them to a place where I could rest. They brought me to a small room with a bed and a mirror. I undressed as quickly as I could, considering how tired I was. I turned to see myself in the mirror and realized that I was a dorpersnoodle! They had gotten to me. I stumbled backwards, toward the bed. I fell and landed with my head on the pillow. At the split second that the pillow collided with my head in a flurry of down feathers and flailing arms, I woke up only to realize that I had just experienced my reoccurring dream, again! It had started the way that most dreams do, I fell asleep...
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wow. amazing.

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