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Happy New Year

01-01-04. It looks strange written out. Hell, I've been writing '04 since Nov. it should be normal to me by now. Oh well!
   I suppose i should write about everything that has happened last year and everything that is going to happen this year. Rather than dwell on the past I'll concentrate on the future.

   New Year Resolutions:
    Stay under 160 lbs. (shouldn't be hard cause i'd rather sleep than eat)
    Write more(this may be tough...but i've the free time for it)
    Focus on school (1st semester wasn't too least 7 more to go!)
    Read more (if I read more i can write more...besides, I have 30 million books that i SHOULD read)

It's a new year...can i blog everyday? Tune in next time to see!

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