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Q: # of letters? 27

Well, today is my first day of classes. I've had 2 so far.

My first class was Dif Eq. Also called ODE (Ordinary Differential Equations). I am going to like that class sooooo much! My homework: Summerize Calculus in 1 (one) page, Prove Euler's Formula, Read 1.1 and 1.2 in text. Yay! (<--- non-sarcastic)

My second class was like a hammer for my brain. The class is "The Theory of Probability". The TA uses all of the examples from the book. He is just reading from the text!! He wrote his name, his office hours, the text we'll use, the grading scale...and then handed out a sylabus that has the same information on it!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAA. It gets worse. While doing examples from the book he wrote: "# of functions..." He then wrote, in the upper right hand corner of the board, "# = number." I shit you not. Latter he wrote, "Q How many combinations?" Then he wrote--with the other helpful tidbit--"Q = Question." I shit you not. Near the end of class he had an example about license plates. He said, "How many letters are in the alphabit?" We said, "26." He said, "Yes, 27. So, 27 letters means 27 different choic--" "26" THE ENTIRE CLASS SAID. "Oh. 26." said he. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

My other classes had better not be taught by him.
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at 22:22 | Blogger rachel said,

i enjoy your quotes greatly.

good luck in your school year.

i love you,

at 14:14 | Blogger Luke said,

Wow, that's the reason my math/cs major was short lived.

Math in jokes



at 15:06 | Blogger samurphy said,

well, really it's:

ƒ: English → English, given ƒ(words)≅talking.

how's THAT for geeky? :)    

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