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"Cry me a river, liberal." --Dogbert

sually i try to stay out of the soap opera's that swirl around me, but i couldn't resist!

"why do you keep an online journal anyways... it's kinda stupid .... why would you put your personal OPINIONS on the internet.. hmm... ya never know who could be reading them."

yes samantha..why WOULD you put your personal "OPINIONS" on the internet? Maybe this hasn't occured to you, but it's quite possible that Rachel intended to allow the world at large to see her "OPINIONS". Not everyone is as niave as you seem to be.

"umm yeah... it's funny that you think that jessica stone didn't do well becasue obviously the judges thought she did because i heard that she got all the judges to nominate her for all state cast.. mm.. and as for Protestants Cry, too... i thought they were really good and deserved to win. True it was nothing like the one that won last year but who wants the same exact thing to win every year even if something is better.. i know i don't.. good luck compeating against jessica stone in the future.. it looks like your screwed"

umm yeah... it's funny that you think that you know what Rachel thinks becasue obviously you didn't read what she wrote but cause i did and she was talking about a lot more than just jessica stone.. mm.. and as for what Rachel actually had to say... I think that what you've said proves that we are all just people. True some are snobby bitches but who wants the same exact level of respect from everyone even if that includes rude people.. i know i do.. good luck compeating in the real world in the future.. it looks like your screwed up

"Yeah, don't talk about people on the internet. Not that what you say has any affect on people whatsoever. We actually think its really funny that you don't like Jessica Stone. She rocked. Hey, looks like the judges thought so too. Good luck next year! (She's only a sophomore!)"

Heaven forbid that we talk about PEOPLE on the INTERNET!!! Instead we should only talk about plants and minerals. Obviously what Rachel said affected you enough to talk about it (and her) on the internet. Who is "We"? Do you normally speak in 2nd person or is this a fad of some sort? Why do you speak of Jessica Stone (on the internet) as if she is bigger than life and then say "She's only a sophomore!" It would seem that you are a walking pillar of contradiction

Really they should have named your perfomance "Oak Lawn Cries, too." Not only did you win, but you must now try to strike out at those that wouldn't have voted for you? Just as judges have thier opinions, we all do. If we choose to share our opinions in a public forum, then who are you to say anything about it? You are not Jessica Stone's keepers. It is not your job to protect her. Speaking of Jessica Stone, why hasn't she had anything to say about this? I'm sure that we've love to hear what "only a sophomore" has to say about her role. Come on Julie, email me or sign Rachel's guestbook and tell us all what your point of view is. Don't let your sister/cast-mates do all of your talking for you.

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Rachel's post (28.3.04)
Becky, Megan, and Samantha's response
Rachel's response (08.04.04)'s listing of cast memebers (11:00am Friday Charleston, 1:30pm Friday Oak Lawn)
Oak Lawn Community Highschool website
State results

Bottom line: Not everything is about you, even if you are a drama queen.
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