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The lab is packed

The Illini Union computer lab is packed with freshmen who, no
doubt, have no idea that there are computer labs that are
closer to them. I cannot stomach the idea of waiting for 20
min. to use an effing windows box.

Right now i'm at a walk-up-email-checking-station-thingy. It
is so much faster to blog here than in a computer lab.

I met a girl today. Her name is Jo (i guess that's how girl
spell it...unless she's like justinn and spells it joee).
She has blue hair and reminds me of "Rachel's type." That is
not to say that Rachel would like her. Rather, she is like
rachel. I'm sure that she frequents Hot Topic. She is very
cool. She's in 125 (CS 125) with me. She is also a math
major. She started talking to me about 347 (Math 347). She
saw that i was reading the textbook and inquired as to which
teacher i have. I'll most-likely see her on Monday.

I've also made several casual accquaintances (sp?). I don't
know their names, but they look at me oddly when i see them
on the Quad. I've come to realize that they are wondering if
i'm the same guy that's in that one class with them. :)

Well, this is becoming a rachel sized post, so i'll cut it
short. Have a day!
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