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FedExcellent games

This weekend was nice. I went down to Charleston late, but i
still got everything done that i wanted. Next weekend we
WILL play Monopoly! btw, does anyone know the chs football

I've been posting through my email and i've noticed that my
senteces line break oddly. I'm sorry for this and i'll try
to change my template to accomodate.

The Olympics. They're great. I'm not fanatical about them
as others are. I'm just content to watch sports that are
over in less than 30 min. Football, basketball, baseball,
golf, and soccer take much too long to play. I don't have
that attention span unless i'm playing. Anyway, here's to
the Olympics! *hoots and/or hollers*

On today's lunch menu: Double PBJ's, Swedish fish, and Jumex
Strawberry nectar. Yum!

Speaking of lunch, I'm starving. I'll try to post later.
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