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Shocked and in awe

I had promised myself that i wouldn't watch the election
coverage. I knew that if i started, i wouldn't stop. At
work someone asked me if i wanted to know the results...and i
said yes. I stopped watching the election coverage at 2am.
I was informed that at 11am, Kerry conceded the election. I
have a hundred emotions right now.

I'm angry about the statistical lies that the bush campaign
spouted this morning (before 9am). They had a guy talk about
the provisional ballots in Ohio. He said that in the last
election, only 10% of the provisional ballots in Illinois
were good. He also said that provisional ballots are only
used when someone's name is not on the registration list and
that the ballot is only valid if there had been a typo. THIS
IS NOT ACCURATE! The provisional ballot situation in
Illinois has ZERO to do with the provisional ballot situation
in Ohio. The Secretary of State of Ohio said that in the
last presidential election, 90%, I repeat 90% of the
provisional ballots were good. Apples on one side of the
scale, oranges on the other. As for the uses of provisional
ballots: As a trained election judge for the State of
Illinois, I can tell you with confidence that provisional
ballots are used when the voter's voter status is
challenged. Voter status can be challenged for many reasons
other than the voter's name not being on the registration
list. Actually, any voter can challenge the voter status of
any other voter. If one chose to challenge the voter status
of another, the challenged would file a provisional

I am frightened. I fear for our nation. The net value of
Bush's last 4 years has been clearly in the red (economy
aside). What is the most frightening is that Bush does not
see anything that he's done as wrong. He will stay the
course on which he has directed our nation. Foreign nations
will continue to hate the United States. Terrorism will be
worse with Bush because of the anti-American hatred he
inspires. Haliburton. Iraq. Afghanistan. Tax cuts.
Education. WMD. North Korea. Attempted Constitutional
Amendments. Does no one see these as the mistakes of the
Bush Administration?

Sadness. I am saddened that the USA can't seem to see past
partisan politics to see the real issues. No one seems to
really consider the issues (pundits aside). I am hearing
much more red vs blue talk than education talk. I don't hear
anyone talking about North Korea. No one cares about Bush's
Supreme Court nominations. No one cares about Haliburton.
That is so sad. A nation that cares more about being right
than fixing what is wrong.

Disgust. I want to vomit. I feel powerless. I see that the
majority will rule, but i see NO minority rights on the
horizon. Democracy is not a system where the winners oppress
the losers. Democracy is not about forcing everyone to act
like who is in office. Democracy is founded on the idea that
everyone has rights. The majority has the right to rule.
The minority has the right NOT to be oppressed. However,
gays will be oppressed in the next 4 years. Abortionists
will be oppressed. Non-Christians will be oppressed.
Foreigners will be oppressed. I am embarrassed to be a
citizen of the United States of America.
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at 22:34 | Blogger rachel said,

I wish I had more to say on the subject, but you've said it all...and it's terrific. Very well said...however, it makes me sad all over again.
I really feel in my heart that Kerry should have won. And I expected him too. There's nothing we can do. You said it best just now on the phone with me, when you told me that your vote didn't count.
It was a sad day for our country.
It will be a sad four years for our world.



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