College Collage

Cut and Paste Education ™

That's why it's called DIFFYQ

Well, I found out today that i don't understand ODE like i
think that i do. *sigh* oh well. It's not that bad.

Today has been a ho-hum day. I'll make a quick run to the
computer lab after my 3 o'clock class. I won't get to be
there long.

PBJ's were good. I'm hungry again. :(

Last semester, I was approached by a man who needed some gas
money. He'd told me that he was from Peoria and was drving
there to see his father in the hospital. I didn't really
believe the story, but i knew that he could probably use some
money. I gave him $20. If i hadn't, i would've felt
guilty. Several occations since i have seen him and avoided
him. Once he saw me first and asked me for more money. I
can't really believe that he would do that knowing that his
new story couldn't be credible given his old story. I
refused and he accepted my refusal. Only after he left did i
loosen my grip on my knife. Today he approached my while i
was having lunch and asked me for help. He didn't recognize
me because i've cut and colored my hair since i last saw
him. He told me that he's on his way to Peoria and that he
needs some gas money--I interrupted him to say that i
couldn't help him. His mood changed considerably. Initially
he had been friendly and he seemed afronted. He
rudely inquired into my lack of willingness to help. I told
him that i couldn't and didn't want to help him. He walked

I can understand that there are people in need. The question
is "Why are they needy?" Jesus taught the priciple of
helping people learn to fish rather than giving them
something to eat. That man has to desire to pickup a fishing
pole. He wants a free lunch.
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at 16:52 | Blogger rachel said,


i hate swedish fish. Jesus could teach me how to fish, but not for swedish ones. Blech. :)

I love you, though!

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