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I owe more than you own

Well, I found out that i just bought a house. That's right.
I own a house. I will soon be THOUSANDS of dollars in debt.
Not to mention the thousands i already owe in student loans.
I will be paying off my car. That will make me very happy.
If you want to drive past my house, it's 1060 10th Street
Charleston, IL 61920. To celebrate i ate Rice Garden.

I finally understand Picard's method of successive
approximation! I knew that you'd be as excited as me about

I've talked the tatoo thing over with rachel. We both agree
that "MATH NERD" is a much better kuckle tatoo. I'll try it
out with permanent marker first.

I'm off to the EWS comp lab!
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at 17:21 | Blogger rachel said,

I will take you out for dinner, my homeowner friend. tell me, where do you want to go? Alamo? El ranch? It is your choice.

I am glad you like global existance, as they told me i sound like i am living in "american beauty." I like to think that means i'm american and beautiful, not disfunctional and crazy and covered in rose petals.

I love you stephen. You reall make my day :)


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