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Skipping through my day

I'm skipping my first class of the semester. It's math 461. That class will be such a waste of my time this year. *sigh*

I saw some of my "friends" my past semesters. Veena from
math 130, math 242, and ece 110; and Andrew from ece 199
SJP. It was nice. I told them about my major. They told me
about their classes. I like finding random people.

Lunch Menu: 2 PBJ's and hopefully some Krispy Kreme doughnuts
if my money ship hasn't sailed.

Speaking of money, I got some $$
from my dad for textbooks. I don't know when the check will
clear the bank. When it does, i will start doing some
homework. I think i've worked it out so that i will be able
to buy an HP49g+. :)

Yesterday, during 212 I met
this guy, Doug, who hasn't been to college in 10 years. He's
got an HP49g+. I'm so jealous. He doesn't like it, so maybe
i can trade my HP48g+ for his HP49g+. I know that he paid a
lot for maybe he'll want some $$, but i'd like to avoid paying full price.

n. The shortest path between 2 unique points
on a sphere. A line cutting through the earth that connects
2 unique locations.

I've got a rumbly in my tumbly!
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