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Yo! coo' = haiku

Rachel did some Haikus for school, so i thought that i would do some.

I just bought a house.
What a fucked up day it's been.
I just wrecked my car.

Blogs are fun and cool.
I don't blog often enough.
Eat my blog or die.

Tall, cold, and sturdy
So delicious, quench my thirst
Jimmy John's small drink

Count syllables.
I count seventeen of them.
Haikus are math fun.

Rest, small, red, fire, sack
cow, stick, watch, pen, light, ice, coke.

I've much crap to do.
I hate my life a lot, now.
Do not wreck your car.

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at 17:51 | Blogger rachel said,

i like your haikus. I enjoy them greatly.

and thanks for the plug!


at 23:00 | Blogger samurphy said,

I thought you didn't want anyone to know about the butt plug i got you.............. :)    

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